Chemical injection system – Application

The Chemical Injection Systems of AES Arabia are designed to have the following:

  • Fully automated PLC control & local operator interface.
  • Precise control logic for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Single pump or with standby pump option.
  • Control Panel (NEMA-4X).
  • Customized for specific applications.

We outline below brief details of typical skid mounted chemical injection systems:

1)    A Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Skid with storage tank facilities and duty/standby pumps to prevent/minimize corrosion in oil systems.


2)    A Scale Inhibitor Injection Skid to minimize formation of scale in reservoir.


3)   A Demulsifier Injection Package to Breaks down oil emulsions to aid oil/water separation


4)    An Antifoam Dosing Package to prevent or minimize build-up of foam in production/test separators (prevents possible carry-over, improves separation efficiency).


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