Oil Modular Skids


IntroductionAES is involved in the Design, Fabrication, Testing, Supply and Commissioning of Oil Modular Packaged Units. These units are designedfor Oil Wellheads in order to regulate the Oil stream coming from Oil Well. It primarily consists up of Choke Valve, MPFM, Sampling system, RTU Panel&Scrapper launcher Valve. Complete integrated unit is designed and tested according to API 6A code.QKMHAA4MAIN EQUIPMENT

  • Choke Valve
  • Liquid Sampling Assembly
  • COSASCO Fitting Assembly
  • PIG Valve
  • Multiphase Flowmeters (MPFM)
  • Pressure and Temperature Instruments
  • RTU &SwitchRack

Motorized Choke Valve:

Choke valve is a type of control valves, mostly used in oil and gas production wells to control the flow of well fluids being produced. Another purpose that the choke valves serve is to kill the pressure from reservoir and to regulate the downstream pressure in the flowlines. Choke valves allow fluid flow through a very small opening, designed to kill the reservoir pressure while regulating the well production. The reservoir fluids can contain sand particles. Hence the choke valves are usually designed to handle an erosive service.

Liquid Sampling Assembly:

The purpose of this assembly is to collect the samples of crude oil for laboratory testing. It consists up of lot of valves, cylinder, fittings, gauges etc.

PIG Valve:

Pig valves allow launching and receiving of pigs.The advantage of pig valves in comparison with conventional pig traps is the simple operation and line system as well as less weight and less space requirements&suitable for sour gas service (NACE / ISO 15156).

Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM):

A multiphase flowmeter is a device used to measure the individual phase flow rates of fundamental phases in a given flow (for example in oil and gas industry), water and gas mixtures produced during oil production processes.Knowledge of the individual fluid flow rates of a producing oil well is required to facilitate reservoir management, field development and operational control, flow assurance and production allocation.

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)&Switchrack.

A remote terminal unit (RTU) is a microprocessor electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a DCS or SCADA system by transmitting data to a master system, and by using messages from the master supervisory system to control connected objects.

An RTU monitors the field digital and analog parameters and transmits data to the Central Monitoring Station. It contains setup software to connect data input streams to data output streams, define communication protocols, and troubleshoot installation problems.

Switchrack consists up of distribution panel,power panel, fiber patch panel,flow computer cabinet, dry type transformer panel, VoIP telephone cabinet, main circuit breaker & lighting control panel.

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