Abdullah University Science & Technology

Project Completion Date: November - 2008

Project Briefing:

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology wanted to construct a seawater RO plant to desalinate water for its various uses in the university. The Project Manager was Aramco, and the awarded company has to comply with various Aramco requirements and specifications.

 Client Requirements:

The plant needs to take seawater from an open intake and desalinate,

Flow rate: 59,200 m3/day

TDS: < 50,000 ppm

pH: 8.5

Hardness: < 500 ppm as CaCO3

So it can be fed to various users within the university:

TDS < 110 ppm

pH: 6 – 8

Hardness: < 40 ppm as CaCO3

 AES Solution:

AES Provided four (4) SWRO skids, and four (4) BWRO skids. Also AES provided Sand/ Multimedia Filters for the project

 Conclusion and Results:

The plant was operated as designed. Treated water met the conditions set by the client.

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