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“AESAlkema Solutions introduced their new ProtonTM software at this year’s AMTA Membrane Technology conference in Orlando, FL.  The software is designed to predict water quality and scaling potential with any type of water, at any pH and temperature and is the culmination of over 5  years of lab design, pilot trials and with outcomes proven in the field.  “The increased usage of RO technology in industrial reuse applications has created a need for predicting a wider range of scales under extreme conditions” said the company’s CEO and Technical Director Mo Malki.

The ProtonTM  Membrane Aqueous Chemical Calculator includes saturation and precipitation potential calculations for 52 types of scales, and includes 4 new indices created by Alkema.  These include Kinetics based indices for calcium carbonate and silica, a saturation index for calcium phosphate, and an index for antiscalant-salt precipitation (antiscalant overdosing).

The ProtonTM software calculates the concentration factor of salts based on membrane types used and allows for hybrid systems with up to 3 stages, using any membrane model from any manufacturer.  It also accurately predicts permeate quality and provides speciation calculations to help the user optimize pH for best contaminant rejection or coagulation, depending on the application.  It is the only software currently available that models arsenic rejection in RO and NF membranes.

“The ProtonTM software has been designed to work with any computer, tablet or smartphone” said David Russell, Director of Sales & Business Development.  “It is cloud based, allowing us to provide instant updates for a seamless user experience”.


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