Al Safi Dairy Company

Project Completion Date: Ongoing

Project Briefing:

Al Safi wanted urgently to treat their wastewater to meet discharge requirements and use for restricted irrigation.

The wastewater is characterized by high COD/ BOD values, and large amount of suspended solids.

 Client Requirements:

Al-Safi wanted to treat wastewater from their dairy farm:

Flow rate: 6,000 m3/day

TDS: < 1,500 ppm

pH: 7.6

COD: 2,700 ppm

TSS: 1,700 ppm

BOD: 1,400 ppm

Total Nitrogen: 111 ppm

Phosphate: 20 ppm

So it can be reused in the plant with requirements to be:

pH: 8.5

COD: < 30 ppm

TSS: < 10 ppm

BOD: < 10 ppm

 AES Solution:

In order to properly handle the wastewater, two stages of aeration are used to drop the COD/ BOD, so it can reach low levels. Each Aeration tank has it is own clarifier and sludge recycling system.

The plant is equipped with equalization tank, sludge digesting facility, and manual and automatic inlet screens.

 Conclusion and Results:

Despite inconsistent flow and influent quality which frequently exceeded design limits, the plant was able to cope with the requirements and produce treated water that frequently met the design requirements. There was incident when plant was receiving larger amount of oil and grease and the lift station was modified to trap and remove the excess oil before reaching the downstream process.

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