Background And Qualification

AES Arabia Ltd. has provided Water & Waste Water Treatment Systems & Services since its inception in 1985. Our extensive know-how in designing and installing membrane treatment and related systems dates back to the days when the technology first became available in the 1960’s. We pride ourselves in playing an important role in the evolution of reverse osmosis through innovative designs, improved pre-treatment techniques and cost effective solutions. We have seen reverse osmosis and other membrane treatment technologies evolve to become Membrane applications for water and wastewater treatment with endless possibilities in our modern day global community. AES Arabia Ltd. is at the forefront of these developments and continues to provide water treatment solutions to address today’s conservation and operational problems. AES Arabia Ltd. is located in the heart of the Middle-East with fully equipped manufacturing and support facilities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia occupying an area of 30,000 sq.m, one of the largest in the region. This facility also provides design, engineering, production, installation and maintenance support for the company’s operations in the Gulf, Middle East & North Africa.

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