King Khalid International Airport

Project Completion Date: October - 1998

Project Briefing:

MODA wanted to upgrade the aging RO plant in King Khalid International Airport. The plant was facing lot of problems due to huge influx of iron from deep wells.

 Client Requirements:

Client wanted to Refurbish five skids with combined capacity of 14,000 m3/day:

TDS: < 1,500 ppm

pH: 7.2

Ca: 300 ppm

Mg: 80 ppm

Na: 550 ppm

SO4: 420 ppm

Cl: 400 ppm

HCO3: 120 ppm

Iron: < 20 ppm

So it can be supply process water to the facilities in the area:

pH: 8.5

TDS: < 120 ppm

Silica < 1 ppm

 AES Solution:

AES went ahead and replaced existing hollow fiber membranes with the new technology of spiral wound membranes. The challenge was to convince the client with the new technology, since it was new in the market.

AES also improved removal of iron in the pretreatment by introducing aeration by natural means, through cascade aeration.

AES also improved on the pumping efficiency by installing new efficient pumps.

 Conclusion and Results:

The plant was operated successfully to client high expectations. Plant is still functioning after more than 18 years with same set of membranes replaced by AES. Minor membranes replacement occurred due to natural wear and tear.

Results after treatment:

TDS: < 60ppm

pH: 8.5

Hardness: < 40 ppm

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