Petrokemya ABS Project

Project CompletionDate: March- 2015

Project Briefing:

AES Arabia was awarded a contract by the Spanish EPC contractor TecnicasReunidas to supply an Ion Exchange plant for Petrokemya Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene polymer (ABS) Project located in Al-Jubail Industrial City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The petrochemical plant is the largest ABS emulsion producing plant in the world with 140,000 Metric tons per year. The raw materials used in the plant are Styrene (SM), Ethyl Benzene (EB), Butadiene (BD), Acrylonitrile (ACN), and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA). The ABS emulsion product shall be of Molding/ Extrusion/ Pipe commercial grades.

The plant will treat condensate, for a total combined flow of 2,400 m3/day.

 Client Requirements:

PETROKEMYA wanted to treat process water for boiler feed:

Flow rate: 100 m3/hr

TDS: 44 – 110 ppm

pH: 8.5

Silica: < 1 ppm

Hardness: 200 ppm as CaCO3

So it can be fed to boiler with requirements to be:

Flow rate: 100 m3/hr

Conductivity < 5 MicoS/cm

pH: 6 – 8

Silica: < 0.02 ppm

Hardness: < 1 ppm as CaCO3

 AES Solution:

AES provided a solution that will confirm to the best industry standards.

The demineralization water package consists of RO followed by an electrodeionization (EDI) supplied as a complete package.

The system included dosing systems to remove chlorine and add antiscalant, followed by RO plant, cleaning system, EDI, and complete instruments and piping for the plant.

 Conclusion and Results:

The plant was commissioned in record time, and the treated water was found to exceed specifications as follows:

Conductivity < 3 MicoS/cm

pH: 6 – 8

Silica: < 0.01 ppm

Hardness: 0 ppm as CaCO3

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