Upgrade of Central RO System in Jubail

Project Completion Date: October - 2002

Project Briefing:

The Royal Commission wanted to upgrade its 20 years aging RO systems in 3 different locations. They also wanted to install new media filters, degasser, and controls.

Client Requirements:

Refurbish three plants with combined capacity of 37,000 m3/day:

Plant No. 1 Flow rate: 2 x 210 m3/hr

Plant No. 2 Flow rate: 2 x 210 m3/hr

Plant No. 3 Flow rate: 3 x 210 m3/hr

TDS: < 3,500 ppm

pH: 7.2

Ca: 270 ppm

Mg: 118 ppm

Na: 751 ppm

SO4: 1,020 ppm

Cl: 1,124 ppm

HCO3: 193 ppm

So it can be supply process water to the facilities in the area:

pH: 8.5

TDS: 30 – 80 ppm

Conductivity: 60 – 150 MS/cm

AES Solution:

The existing system was know to have trouble in fouling and scaling, also the quality of the treated water was not consistent. AES improved the design of the RO system, by reducing the flux on the membranes and also by improving recovery and efficiency of the equipment. VFDs were installed to minimize waste of energy and new set of instruments and controls were added.

Filters were replaced and new media were added to improve filtration effectiveness

Conclusion and Results:

The plant was operated successfully. Client wanted to improve recovery, so our chemical team worked closely and tested feed water quality and improved recovery to 85% by utilizing speciality antiscalant.

Results after treatment:

TDS: < 50ppm

pH: 8.5

LSI: +ve

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