proj_ind6003Khursaniyah Gas Plant Package (KGP) – Plant Type : Highly Brackish Reverse Osmosis (HBRO) + Reverse Osmosis (RO)Project Briefing : The Khursaniyah Gas Plant package (KGP) is part of the Khursaniyah Oil and Gas Facilities being constructed about 140 km northwest of Dhahran, spread over an area of 50

Proj_ind6012Al Zubair Petrochemical Complex in Basrah, Iraq – Plant Type : Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Project Briefing : 20 years old RO plant was feeding the treated water to Al-Zubair petrochemical complex in Basrah – south of Iraq, and the plant was partially responsible on feeding the drinking water to the civilians in Al-Zubair town.

proj_ind7016King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) – Plant Type : Sewage Treatment Plant Membrane Biological Reactor (STP-MBR)
Project Briefing : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is being built in Saudi Arabia as an international, graduate-level research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement in the Kingdom that will also benefit the region and the world.

proj_ind7024Durrat Al Bahrain – Plant Type : Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) – 
Project Briefing : Durrat Al Bahrain is one of the world’s most distinctive island cities and one of the finest examples of contemporary urban planning in the world today.It is luxury living and a holiday destination at the same time and it will become one of the GCC region’s most outstanding places to live and work.

proj_ind7026aGumri Field Processing Facilities PDOC – Plant Type : Produced Water Treatment (PWT) – 
Project Briefing :Gumri field processing facilities PDOC phase # 2 project (Melut basin oil development in Sudan) is producing about 2,000 CuMD of produced water contains oils mixed in the water.

proj_ind8018Petrochemical Company in Saudi Arabia – Plant Type : Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
Project Briefing : After a major petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia completed its main product process design and development, they realized that a very important issue was left unattended, namely, the plant’s difficult wastewater stream.
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