Membrane Desalination Chemicals

“AES ARABIA LTD” is providing leading edge technology in membrane related chemicals and services. Our Technical Experts are continuously involved in Research and Development to create innovative products that resolve the most challenging membrane scaling and fouling issues. As a result, “AES ARABIA LTD” has developed an extensive line of Antiscalants, Cleaning Chemicals, Biocides, Chlorine Deactivator, Post treatment for broad range of membrane systems.

“AES ARABIA LTD” offers a number of services including:
• Plant audits
• Cleaning recommendations & assistance.
• Membrane autopsies to identify operational problems and determines the best solutions.
• Treatment optimization
• Water analysis
• Training
• Annual Maintenance and Service Contract
• Reverse osmosis data normlisation and analysis
• Automation. Automation can help in energy and water savings.

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