Swimming Pool Treatment

SwimmingPool_ImgProper water chemistry is required to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for swimmers. Swimming pool is wonderful asset to property, however, they have to be maintained properly as well. Swimming pools can end up being breeding grounds for algae and bacteria, causing several waterborne illnesses. Irrespective of the pool type, swimming pools must be sanitized regularly. Swimming pool chemicals helps to keep water sparkling clean. Chemicals for swimming pool include.

pH Adjustment :
The pH level is the measure of acidity or alkalinity. The pH level in the pool water around 7.2-7.6 must be maintained. At this pH level the chlorine is most effective. Also this level is similar to the pH of our skin. Too acidic water will corrode the metal equipment, resulting in etching of surface materials & Skin irritation. Water when too alkaline, it results in scaling of the pool surface and plumbing equipment, leading to cloudy water. The addition of alkali or acid will depend on whether the water is too acidic or too alkaline.

Biocide & Algaecide : kills pathogens and disinfects the pool water. these compounds be added with the help of a chemical feeder, after the filtration process. A dose of algaecide must be added to the pool, once a week to control the algal contaminants. Good quality algaecides combat various algal formation and destroy them without damaging the pool tiles.

Flock former: Flock and clarifier cause the micro-dirt to form larger particles, which are trapped by the filter.


Alkalinity Builder
Dry Acid
Dry Acid (Liquid)
pH Stabiliser

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