Sewage Wastewater Treatment

Enzymes & Bacteria

  • Enhance bacterial activity in biological treatment plants and enable faster degradation of organic material
  • Specifically useful for plants operating at capacities higher than design, or influents containing hard to degrade material
  • Minimize odor problems in Sewage Treatment Plants by ensuring complete degradation of organics
  • Specific products available for degradation of Phenols, Oil & Grease etc.


  • Reacts with potential odor forming compounds (sulfur and Nitrogen containing compounds) to form non-volatile compounds thus attacking the root cause of odor formation
  • Introduces pleasant odor to the treated effluents
  • Ideal for use, when treated effluent is used for irrigation/ gardening in residential areas
  • Can also be sprayed periodically on the sludge to control odor


  • Suitable for Clarification in STP, separation of precipitated metal hydroxides in industrial ETP, sludge thinkers, belt press etc
  • Inorganic Coagulants as well High Molecular weight polyelectrolyte
  • Range includes Anionic and Cationic
  • Available in Liquid, Powder or Emulsion form depending on system requirement


  • Suitable for disinfection of tertiary treated water
  • Easy to dose
  • Easy to store and handle being in granular or liquid form

High quality indicator for the treated water. It is specifically useful for treated gray water systems. also acts as a disinfectant and in controls the traces of harmful reducing agents in the treated water. Dye does not affect the material of the pipeline and is compatible with most of the metallurgies.

Our range Nutrients range includes high quality P & N type bacterial nutrient for the sewage treatment plant. Nutrients balances the P & N content of the preliminary treated water. It helps in maintaining the P & N content in the bacterial mass, helping them to survive in the varied conditions.

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