Bottle Washing Food Industries

Conveyer Chain Lubricants:

  • Provides optimum lubricity to enable smooth & uninterrupted flow of bottles on conveyer belt
  • Also ensures continuous cleaning of the belt
  • Low to moderate foam
  • Does not promote biological growth on conveyer belt

Bottle Washing Compounds

  • Can be used with or without Caustic
  • Ensures thorough cleaning of recycled bottles
  • Removes rust rings
  • Specific products for preventing scuffing
  • Prevents deposits on washer surface


  • Suitable for use in Potato chips manufacturing, and other food processing plants
  • Low dosage
  • Effective under variable atmospheric and process temperatures.


Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner:

Chlorinated alkaline cleaner developed for cleaning hard to remove food soils. It is exceptionally effective in removing fat, blood, and protein food soils found in the food processing industry, Poultry & Animal slaughterhouses or meat packaging factories. It can be used in brewery tank walls, conveyor belts and frameworks, augers, milk fillers, juice fillers, soft drink fillers, kettles, mixers, and all other general food processing equipment.

Detergent based Sanitizer/Disinfectant:

It is intended to be used in dairy, hospital, institutional, wine, food, poultry, and meat plant operations. It is effective even in 750 ppm hardness water. It is effective against a wide range of pathogenic & spoilage organisms. It is suitable for use in single or two stages clean & disinfect programs.
Acidic Detergent:
Heavy-duty acids and surfactants formulation designed for use in high pressure washers with foam generating accessories / through compressed air foaming systems, where organic matter, scale and soiling have built up on equipment and work surfaces requires effective cleaning. Also used for cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings and all types of meat processing equipment and vehicles. It is recommended for use in Poultry & Animal slaughter-houses or meat packaging factories.
Alkaline / Chelant CIP Cleaner: is specifically designed for CIP cleaning of Dairy, Fruit juice & Food processing equipment. It is a synergistic combination of alkalies including NaOH & KOH, chelating agents & dispersants that facilitate easy & thorough removal of Organic deposits like proteins & soil, inorganic deposits like scales. The strong dispersant incorporated in the product prevents redeposition of the removed matter.


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