Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger


Heat Exchanger (Non Storage Type)

The term heat exchanger applies to all types of equipment in which heat transfer is promoted from one medium to another. However, the term is often more specifically applied to shell and tube heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger where a primary fluid such as steam is used to heat a process fluid. Heat exchangers are used for HVAC and process heating/cooling applications.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchanger is probably the most common method do providing indirect heat exchange in industrial process applications. A shell and tube heat exchanger consists of a bundle of tubes enclosed in a cylindrical shell. The ends of the tubes are fitted into the tube sheets which separate the primary and secondary fluids.

Plate Heat Exchangers

A plate heat exchanger consists of a series of thin corrugated metal plates between which number of channels are formed, with the primary and secondary fluids flowing through alternate channels. Heat transfer takes place from the primary fluid steam/hot water to the secondary process fluid in adjacent channels across the plate. High quality AISI 316 /304 stainless steel plates are used in heat exchangers for water/water applica­tions

The size of the unit and the material and number of plates are determined by the requirements of the particular application and duty. Each individual plate heat exchanger is optimized for its duty and, as a result, the usage of materials is kept to a minimum.

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